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Properties Throughout Manitowoc County ALWAYS Available to the Public!

Many years ago the organization recognized the importance of having property available to sporting enthusiasts, conservationists and the general public. This has never been more important than today, where we find much of the land either posted or leased for private use. Whether donated or purchased, Fish & Game has assembled almost 500 acres of property that can be used for hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watch, hikes or just about any purpose you can think of. The properties provide access to area water ways and wetlands, woods and meadows.

When you visit these properties we ask that you treat them with the same respect and intent that generated their purchase. Preserve the resource and leave it better than you found it! For over 100 years Fish & Game has protected the resources of Manitowoc County.

The organization continues to look for properties with an active Land Committee and proceeds generated from its Annual Banquet and other fundraisers. You can support these ongoing efforts with donations to our Land Fund and through general membership in our units. The Manitowoc Fish & Game Annual Banquet also provides funds for this important purpose.

The map above has key Fish & Game locations across the county

The DNR also has a very nice tool on their website to look for what lands around the state are open for public hunting.

You can access that information on the DNR map:  http://dnrmaps.wi.gov/opfl/

This is very useful information when you purchase or choose antler-less tags for deer hunting. All MFL and Forest Crop lands are considered public lands and you must use a public land tag if you wish to harvest antler-less on those lands. Remember, It is illegal to use a Private Land tag on these lands.


Town of Cato





Town of Centerville


Town of Liberty


Maple Grove





Town of Meeme


Town of Newton


Town of Rockland


Town of Two Rivers

Two Rivers Parcel