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26 Area Clubs to Meet a Variety of Needs and Interests!

Our units and individual clubs are located throughout Manitowoc County and serve a variety of interests and needs. Some are geographically based and serve the needs of the sporting community there. Others are focused on specific sports or activities. All are member driven and led and there are no paid positions in the organizations. They function with volunteer leadership and donated service time. They all also work to support youth interests and needs and are a great option for the entire family. Getting the next generation involved in conservation clubs is the key to continuing the future protection of our rights and resources. Please help by getting your family involved!

Your support of one or more of our units support that organization and Manitowoc County Fish & Game as a whole. Support is important to give the organizations the resources they need to complete projects and to provide input and perspective for legislative activities on the local and state level.

Something from the Past – What Kind of Member Are You?

Some members are like wheelbarrows – Not good unless pushed.

Some members are like trailers – Not good unless pulled.

Some members are like kites – If you don’t keep a strong string on them, they fly away.

Some are like kittens – They are more content when petted.

Some are like footballs – You can’t tell which way they are going to bounce.

Some are like balloons – Full of wind and likely to bow up unless handled carefully.

A select few are 100 percent members – In regular attendance and very cooperative.

Which kind are you?

–From the Shoto Conservation Club Archives – via the 100th Anniversary

Information on membership costs are available on the club or unit’s individual page. You are also welcome to attend a unit meeting and can join there. Please complete one form for each member. You will be contacted by Fish & Game with your membership. You may also fill out the form below and someone will contact you: