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Mississippi catUnit Description: District 8 of the Wisconsin Trappers Association is one of the newest additions to the Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association family. They represent the interest of those in Manitowoc County interested in the sport of trapping or learning more about the activity.

The Wisconsin Trappers Association (WTA) was organized in 1963 by a small group of individuals concerned about the future of our trapping heritage. Many of these individuals were also involved  in organizing the National Trappers Association four years earlier.

Todays membeMississippi Trapping 001rs work to:

  • Protect our heritage and continue the traditions of the trapping community.
  • Educate the public about the benefits of responsible and regulated trapping activities.
  • Maintain a conservation ethic and participate in wildlife and habitat management programs.
  • Provide a comprehensive trapping education program .

We work to ensure the future of trapping by encouraging a large membership which:

  • Maintains a public outreach program that provides informational materials in many forms and at a variety of events.
  • Provides scholarships to students attending college.
  • Conducts trapper education course workshops.

Meeting Day: Twice Annually – December and January, Time and Date set at the Rendezvous. Their Rendezvous is also a meeting The First Sunday in May following Mothers Day. That runs from 7am to 4pm.

Meeting Time: Vary by Schedule

Meeting Location: Maribel Sportsman’s Club

Membership: $30 Annually for State membership

Contact: trapperdanc@yahoo.com

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