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Life Members – A Lifetime of Service to Conservation in Manitowoc County!
The highest honor Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association gives to an individual member is the status of Life Members. This process requires nomination by a director or unit and full review and approval by the entire County Organization. It recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and service to the sporting men and women of Manitowoc County. Whether within their unit or as part of broader initiatives, these people have provided years of service to the organization and to our causes. We are proud to list the following as Life Members of Manitowoc County Fish & Game!
Richard Becker
Roy Berres
Pat Blashka
Larry Bonde
Terry Busse
Leonard Cornils
Art Dietrich
Dean Halverson
Al Hrudka
Jim Koeppel
Dick Krummel
Steve Lenzner
Gale Mangin
Bill Mecha
Al Meyer
Jerry Nelson
Ton Nonnemacher
Ed Rosenbauer
Elmer Schill
Bob Schuh
Brian Schultz
Mike Stueck
Ed Vetting
John Vondrachek

Jerry Wiesner

Paul Tuschel

Roger Vander Logt