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Your Support Has Made It Possible for Over 100 Years!

For the past 100+ years Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association has been working to protect the rights and resources of sporting men and women in Manitowoc County. The organization and its member clubs have raised hundreds of thousands in funds that have stayed right here benefiting the community. We need your help to continue our work!

There are ongoing activities and projects going on within Manitowoc county and they are being driven by our club members and volunteers in cooperation government and business organizations. The following are just a few ways that our members support the community at large:

  • Purchase of Lands for Public Access and Use
  • Purchase and Update of Piers on Inland Lakes
  • Support of Hunters Education
  • Support of Youth Fishing Programs
  • Support of Youth Shooting Programs
  • Youth Scholarship ($4,000 Annually)
  • Support of the FORWARD Endowment
  • Support of Special Needs & Projects in the County

Areas for Donation:

  • Donations to Manitowoc County Fish & Game
  • Donation to the Land Fund of County Fish & Game
  • Donations to Individual Clubs and Units
  • Donations & Support for the Annual Banquet

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