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WestshoreUnit Description: Westshore Sportsmens Club is located in Two Rivers and offers a full facility and range of services to meet sporting needs. The club facility is available to rent and they offer a trap range, rifle range and even hunting property available to its members.

Meeting Day: Second Thursday each month.

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: 11267 Lakeshore Road, Two Rivers, Wi

Club Membership:

Contact Person: Mike Krizizke, 920-860-0754

Benefit Supporting Keith and Sarah Coenen

Once in awhile we all fall on hard times.. for Keith and Sarah Coenen the hard times won’t give them a break!! As some of you may know two years ago Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer (now in remission.) Most recently she woke up one morning and couldn’t walk. After consulting her doctor they had discovered an infection in her artificial knee. She was taken into surgery to have her knee removed until the infection has cleared her body. One week before she was scheduled to have her knee put back in, she was rushed via ambulance to Aurora BayCare due to blood clots in her lungs and aorta. Several doctors stated she was lucky to even be alive! Since the clotting the doctor came in and stated she would be wheelchair bound for another 4-6 months until she can get her knee back in, and then another 12 weeks recovery from there. After hearing the news we all saw the worry in Keith’s eyes. With great friends and family the Coenen Family and the Family of Westshore Sportsmen Club have decided to host a benefit to help with unexpected medical bills and with Sarah being off of work for so long! Hopefully we can all step in and help two wonderful people that have always been willing to help everyone else! It’s time to pay it forward in these difficult times. If you or someone you know are willing or able to make a donation that would be great!!! Benefit will be held September 7, 2019 at Westshore Sportsmen Club. There will be a chili cook off, tons of raffles, a corn roast, and a lewis class trap shoot! Lets show the Coenen’s how much support they really have and come together as a community to hep these wonderful people!


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