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JamboUnit Description: Jambo Creek, Home of the Mishicot Sportsman Club was the first place in Manitowoc County to be visited and settled by white men. Jacques VIEAU of the Northwest Fur Company landed on the shore of what is now known as Two Creeks, in 1795. His Mackinaw boat was loaded with goods that would be traded for furs with the Indians. From this place he proceeded on an Indian trail nine miles southwest of the present Jambo Creek property. His family came with him, all in a very large bark canoe with the camping outfit. Later on VIEAU built a trading post on Jambo Creek and one later on, in Manitowoc Rapids. Jambo Creek Trading Post of located on the Old Green Bay Trail.

The Mishicot Sportsman Club was founded in 1947 and has been very active in the community ever since. The village park was originally established by the club in the late 1940’s, eventually being turned over to the Village in the early 1960’s. It was at the time that the club purchased the land now known as Jambo Creek Park. Jambo Creek Park, is roughly about 18-1/2 acre tract located in the Town of Gibson, which is just Northwest of the Village of Mishicot.

Jambo Creek is a Class II Trout Stream and is part of the state’s ICE AGE TRAIL. The property offers a place for picnics, hiking and archery. There is a field course for archery shooters to use and the Clubhouse is available to the members and public for weddings, graduations, class reunions and many other events.


Meeting Day: First Wednesday each month.

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Location: 13804 Jambo Creek Road (Jambo Creek Park)

Club Membership: $15/individual $20/family

Contact Person: David Gohr (Club President)  (920) 901-9229.
Alternative Contact: Roger Vander Logt (920) 323-4882


Officers for 2019:

President: David Gohr – 920.901.9229
Vice President: Andy Heyroth – 920.615.1942
Secretary: Donna Gohr – 920.973.0766
Treasurer: Larry Kobes – 920.323.9025

One Year: Brad Musil
Two Years: Tom Heyroth
Three Years: Greg Lambert
Four Years: T.J. Kinjerski

Fish & Game Directors:
Al Peters
Roger Vander Logt  roger@VLoutdoormedia.com

Alternate Fish & Game Director: Paul Tuschel

Archery Tournament Results for Fall 2019


Tom Hermann                   322

Todd Petersen                  320

Brad Leiterman                 313

Casey Stangel                    299

Ron Buechler                     299

Justin Kingsbury                               299

Jason Hill                              299

Art Buechler                       290

Dylon Becker                     290

Nick Niedzwieck               283

Earle Becker                       264


Shane Kochorosky           334                                                         Hunter Warden                 258

Jason Hill                              326                                                         Kyle Markvart                    255

Nathan Schimdt                316                                                         Joe Tulachka                       254

Joe Rezek                            312                                                         Tony Loeh                           250

Josh Meissner                   312                                                         Jacob Vogel                        222

Matt Sadowski                  312

Zach Warden                     312

Brad Leiterman                 311

Andy Nelsen                      311

Casey Stangel                    310

Dalton Karl                          306

David Gohr                         303

Marcus Warden                303

Chris Smith                         302

Ricky Tulachka                   299

Paul Tuschel                       295

Larry Kobes                        292

Ryan Johanek                    290

Louis Heyroth                    288

Jeff Adair                             287

Bradley Reinhart              284

Aaron Kobes                      283

Devan Oswald                   278

Mick Johanek                    277

Josh Warden                      274

Brad Musil                           267

Cody Novak                        265

BOWHUNTER’S  RELEASE                                                              TRADITIONAL

Erik Morreau                     318                                                         Mark Schroeder                289

Mark Brouchoud              312                                                         Joe Tulachka                       268        

Maorgan Zinn                    310                                                         T.J. Kinjerski                       260

Cody Valenta                     306                                                         Vern Anderson                 243        

Luke Valenta                      306                                                         Bill Tuschel                         243

Mike Schuh                         301                                                         Tom Heyroth                     241

Tyler Loeh                           299                                                         Bob Sesnosky                    225

Mitch Warden                   287                                                         Paul Tuschel                       219                        

Jarred Pribek                      280                                                         Bob Mehorczyk                192

Brent Weianer                   274                                                         Al Peters                              191

Joe Shebesta                     274                                                         David Gohr                         187

Dylon Becker                     272                                                         Erik Morreau                     158

Evan Haupt                         270                                                         Dave Dellemann               147

Dan Vogel                           268                                                         Kim Dorner                         107

Mannon Marquardt        266

Joe Engelbrcht                   265

Casey Schramm                263                                                         CROSSBOW

Jamie Peters                      261

Dylan Cornils                      234                                                         Rachel Argue                     178

Josh Mertens                     222

Brian Schramm                 213

Hunter Loeh                       193                                                         WOMAN’S BOWHUNTER’S OPEN

BOWHUNTER’S FINGERS                                                              Lynn Kochorosky              324

                                                                                                                Jessica Tulachka                160

Ray Baranczyk                   212

                                                                                                                WOMAN’S BOWHUNTER’S RELEASE


                                                                                                                Sarah Thornton                 292

Jeff Rach                              324                                                         Lexi Powalisz                      202

Roger Lanersdorf             306                                                         Kay Gosz                              199

Steven Warden                 285                                                         Savanna Spaeth                129

Larry Kobes                        284

Bob Mehorczyk                280

Mike Doney                        278

Gerry Warden                   268

Rodney Gove                     238


Chase Marquardt             271

Kemper Robinson            236

Dawson Nate                     214

Fischer Schaus                   177


Sky Heran                            293

Kaelin Adair                        267

Kasey Brouchoud             193


Blake Erdmann                  171


Chloe Nelsen                     318

Parker Tulachka                290

Chyanne Robinson          271

Louella Hinze                     253

Lukas Rach                          246

Gauge Schaus                    230

Isabella Thornton             203

Brooke Heran                    192

Kamber Tulachka              175

Meredith Meissner         147


Sophie Nelsen                   192

Barrett Kingsbury             189

Carter Tulachka                 131

Burke Meissner                127

Hillary Hermann               95

  • In case of a tie, the first heart shot is the tie breaker (12 ring)

The Mishicot Sportsman Club 2019 Youth Bow winner is Isabelle Thornton.
All youth shooters who shot in the Spring and Fall Archery Tournaments are available to win the Youth Bow. Congratulations Isabelle!

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