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JamboUnit Description: Jambo Creek, Home of the Mishicot Sportsman Club was the first place in Manitowoc County to be visited and settled by white men. Jacques VIEAU of the Northwest Fur Company landed on the shore of what is now known as Two Creeks, in 1795. His Mackinaw boat was loaded with goods that would be traded for furs with the Indians. From this place he proceeded on an Indian trail nine miles southwest of the present Jambo Creek property. His family came with him, all in a very large bark canoe with the camping outfit. Later on VIEAU built a trading post on Jambo Creek and one later on, in Manitowoc Rapids. Jambo Creek Trading Post of located on the Old Green Bay Trail.

The Mishicot Sportsman Club was founded in 1947 and has been very active in the community ever since. The village park was originally established by the club in the late 1940’s, eventually being turned over to the Village in the early 1960’s. It was at the time that the club purchased the land now known as Jambo Creek Park. Jambo Creek Park, is roughly about 18-1/2 acre tract located in the Town of Gibson, which is just Northwest of the Village of Mishicot.

Jambo Creek is a Class II Trout Stream and is part of the state’s ICE AGE TRAIL. The property offers a place for picnics, hiking and archery. There is a field course for archery shooters to use and the Clubhouse is available to the members and public for weddings, graduations, class reunions and many other events.


Meeting Day: First Wednesday each month.

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Location: 13804 Jambo Creek Road (Jambo Creek Park)

Club Membership: $15/individual $20/family

Contact Person: David Gohr (Club President)  (920) 901-9229.
Alternative Contact: Roger Vander Logt (920) 323-4882


Officers for 2019:

President: David Gohr – 920.901.9229
Vice President: Andy Heyroth – 920.615.1942
Secretary: Donna Gohr – 920.973.0766
Treasurer: Larry Kobes – 920.323.9025

One Year: Brad Musil
Two Years: Tom Heyroth
Three Years: Greg Lambert
Four Years: T.J. Kinjerski

Fish & Game Directors:
Al Peters
Roger Vander Logt  roger@VLoutdoormedia.com

Alternate Fish & Game Director: Paul Tuschel

The 29th Annual Ice Fishing Derby was held on January 26th & 27 by the Mishicot Sportsman Club. First place winners are as follows:   BLUEGILL:  Mark Mancheski, CRAPPIE: Scott Tadych,  BASS: C J Tuschl, PERCH: Derek Mueller,  WALLEYE: Terry Wiensch,  WHITEFISH: David Vang,  RAINBOW TROUT: Skip Duellman,  BROWN TROUT: Matt Meyer,  NORTHERN PIKE:  Brian Eis 

Winners of the club raffle are:

1st:  Weatherby VanGuard Deluxe 300     LeeAnn Kappelman

2nd:  Strike Master Lithium 40V Lazer 10 inch Ice Auger     Jordan Massert

3rd:  Winchester SXP Camo 12-gauge (DeBauche-Dempsey families)    Ron Kinjerski

4th:  Crow Bar Wing & Beer Party (Jeff & Andrea Novak)   Larry Kobes

5th:  ¼ Barrel Beer Party (Round Em Up)   Nate Seiler

6th:  Gift Certificate ( Fat Boyz II Tisch Mills)   Alyssa Heyroth

7th:  Gift Certificate (Fat Boyz II Tisch Mills)    Jeff & Andrea Novak

The Mishicot Sportsman Club would like to thank all the people who supported the club during the derby, and we would like you to come see our new animals for our archery shoots. We have a new one this year, a moose. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we hope to see all of you through-out the year at the other activities planned by the club.

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