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Our Donation to Display a Historic Manitowoc Eagle

This fall the Manitowoc Unit donated almost $900 to build a display case for an Eagle mount dating back to the 1930’s. The Eagle was originally donated to the Manitowoc Zoo by the Manitowoc Unit, and upon its passing was mounting, for educational display. We are proud to be returning this Eagle to it’s full role at the zoo. See the Video Here

Unit Description: The Manitowoc Unit is the founding unit of the Fish & Game organization. The club represents the City of Manitowoc, but has membership from individuals throughout the county overall. The club has taken on a variety of projects over the years including managing the access and aerator at Weyers Lake and funding all related costs. More recently the club took a leadership role in the redevelopment of Silver Lake on Manitowoc’s west side. The unit has also been involved in the Junior Riffle program and a number of other local projects.

Manitowoc Gun Club is also a partner member of the Manitowoc Unit and we are proud to have common members. Fall meetings are held at the newly remodeled Gun Club and we partner of fish fries and other shared events where possible.

Unit meetings are generally attended by around 30 to 40 members and guests and the meetings are always open to the public. We encourage families to attend to keep up on what is happening in the area and it is a great place to learn where the fish are biting. Meetings usually begin with a guest speaker, ranging from the local game warden to groups working on related projects in the county. This is followed by a short business meeting and then lunch and refreshments. We welcome you to join us!

Meeting Day: First Thursday each month. (No July Meeting)

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM – Most meetings feature a guest speaker, lunch and refreshments

Location:Lincoln Park Cabin 1 – January thru October

Manitowoc Gun Club – November and December

Club Membership: $5 Annual Membership, $2.50 Juniors 16 or Under

Note: October Regular Meeting is Fish & Game Family Fun Night & Walleye Feed

Contact: Dean Halverson – Secretary Treasurer –  halversondean@gmail.com

Gun Club Website: www.manitowocgunclub.com

On Thursday August 1st, Manitowoc Unit of the Manitowoc County Fish & Game Prot. Assn. held their monthly meeting and the guest speaker was Jade Arneson who is a MS Candidate, Environmental Science and Policy, UW-Green Bay.

Jade is doing studies on the Wild Rice on the Bay of Green Bay and here is some of the interesting issues she told us. Her job was to Evaluate the success of wild rice restoration, improve understanding of the relative effects of environmental factors on wild rice success, and inform future management in Green Bay. Document and improve understanding of the rate by which wild rice restoration efforts benefit wildlife within Green Bay.

Jade told us how the bags of seed came from Minnesota in 50-pound bags and then was placed in water until they were ready for planting.  All planting was done by hand and one other student planted some seed during the ice fishing season. Some of those seeds took hold and are growing today.

 In 2018, 16 of 18 restoration sites had an observed wild rice response. 8 out of 9 restoration sites along the Green Bay west shore went to seed. 1 out of 9 restoration sites in Lower Green Bay went to seed.  Highest percent wild rice cover occurred at restoration sites in Lower Peshtigo River, Seagull Bar and Oconto Marsh.  She observed Good to Excellent water clarity, Moderate sediment hardness, Mix of sandy and mucky substrates.

What they found was that once the plants start to grow the geese and ducks love it. There were locations where the geese and ducks ate pretty good.

Distinct differences in wild rice response and environmental factors have been observed with a notably dichotomy between Green Bay west shore and Lower Bay restoration sites. Great success at Green Bay west shore restoration sites after only one year of seeding suggest these sites have potential to be sustaining soon. Wildlife use immediate with the most common user group waterfowl. Seeding scheduled for November 2019.

The program that Jade is doing, is very important to the future of Wild Rice in the Bay of Green Bay. At the time of the first settlers coming to Green Bay, they had to fight their way through the wild rice beds in order to reach land. Won’t it be nice to get some of these beds back on the Bay of Green Bay for all to see in the future.

Jade is a three-time winner of the Manitowoc County Fish & Game scholarships. We are very thankful for her to come to our meeting and show us her college program firsthand. Good Luck in the future Jade and we all will be following your work on the Bay of Green Bay.

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