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While not an active club or organization, the FORWARD (Friends Of Resources, Wildlife And Recreational Development) Endowment was created by Manitowoc Fish and Game as a tool to help meet the ongoing needs of sporting men and women in the community. Started with a $50,000 estate gift, the charitable trust has grown to over $600,000 since 1993. Manitowoc County Fish and Game has been a significant partner in that growth donating property sale and banquet proceeds to the endowment to help fund future needs.

The intent of the founders was to provide a financial resource to help fund projects in Manitowoc County that relate to hunting, fishing, conservation and related education. We understand that alternative funding sources for these projects are becoming more challenging and this fund provides an important resource to protect what has been built in Manitowoc County over the past 100 years. We also understand the importance of educating youth to create the next generation of caretakers for the resources of the area. Funding education and youth programs is an important part of the trust.

The FORWARD Endowment is a 501-C3 and all donations are tax deductible. The fund is an Interest Only Trust, meaning that monies donated to the fund are always there. Only interest generated from the fund is distributed to community organizations who meet the mission and goals of the organization. To date over $120,000 in funding has been provided to projects right here in the community. Each September thru December the organization solicits proposals from organization for projects that meet our mission and benefit the community at large.

Many of the clubs in Manitowoc County have supported the FORWARD Endowment. Many individuals and businesses have also provided support through direct gifts and even estate planning and gifts. A donation to the endowment has become a popular alternative to flowers when club members and sporting enthusiasts pass away. This is a wonderful recognition of their lives as these gifts will always be there and continue to give to the community for years to come.

The FORWARD Endowment, the Manitowoc County trust established to fund projects focused on hunting, fishing, conservation and related education, has announced that it will begin accepting requests for its 2018 funding cycle which began immediately.  FORWARD stands for Friends Of Resources, Wildlife And Recreational Development.  It was founded 24 years ago by The Manitowoc Unit of Manitowoc County Fish & Game.  It is now supported by a combination of funding from area sporting clubs and private donations.  Manitowoc County Fish and Game has been a major supporter of the fund and provides a percentage of their Annual Banquet proceeds each year.

The FORWARD Endowment has provided over $120,000 in grants awarded to projects and groups in Manitowoc County.  These represent completed projects in the community.  The endowment is funded through support of area sporting clubs, private individuals and business.  There are also donations made as memorials to people in the community.  The group is a 501C3 and donations can make checks payable to The FORWARD Endowment c/o Associated Bank.  Michael Wicks is the contact person at the bank.  Only interest incomes from the fund are spent so that the fund will continue to grow and be there for future generations. Estate planning gifts are also available.  Those making end of the year charitable donations are invited to consider the fund.

FORWARD Endowment Grants & Applications

Each September through late December, the endowment seeks proposals for qualified community projects requesting funding. Projects must be in Manitowoc County and must relate to hunting, fishing, conservation or related education programming. Requests are evaluated by a Gift Committee to determine their appropriateness to our mission and goals and the project needs and viability. We always seek to leverage funding and value projects that have matching components or grants. We have created a simple set of forms that can be completed to tell us more about your organization and project.

Information or Questions: manty071@gmail.com

Donations to the FORWARD Endowment can be made at any Associated Bank location or mailed to:

FORWARD Endowment
c/o Leede Research
1332 S. 26th Street
Manitowoc WI 54220