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 ATTENTION: Weyer’s Lake

The warning signage, (see image), along with a USCG approved life buoy and a 100’ line have been installed at Weyer’s Lake. Please let all F&G members know that the new aerator operates continuously, and has three diffusers which will create open water and/or weak ice. This is not the system which the previous warning sign addressed, and all individuals accessing the lake ice show recognize that the conditions are not as they have been in previous years.


Enjoy the Great Fishing in Manitowoc County!

While Lake Michigan gets much of the attention there are many options for fishermen. There are five major parks, four special purpose parks, 15 lake/river accesses and 1 recreational trail throughout the County. We are fortunate to have access to most of our inland lakes and key river systems for a variety of recreational uses. Many of these were donated, developed or maintained by Manitowoc County Fish & Game and its member units. We have a great partnership with Manitowoc County and work together to make water access a priority.

Respect the Water! As you use our area lakes please consider your impact on water quality and the future. Manitowoc County has several lakes addressing issues of invasive species that threaten the future of the lakes and the related fishery. Please be sure to clean and check your boat after each use and help us protect our great local resources.

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